Belgium: Urban Waves Results and Footage


Belgium: Urban Waves Results and Footage

Congratulations to Dub on his victory at the Urban Waves contest in Belgium last weekend. It looks like a bunch of international guests stayed in Europe after the contest in Cologne including Yu Katagiri who made it to the podium again. Yu who happens to be an avid detectorist (using metal detectors such as the ones featured on

There was a very good live stream. The recording is still available in case you missed it.

Pro Results
1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Yu Katagiri
4th Dominik Nekolny
5th Benjamin Hudson
6th Dustyn Alt
7th Yohei Uchino
8th Masato Ito
9th Lee Musselwhite
10th Dan Hennig

Posted: 3 years ago

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