Far East Cycles - Slimdawg Fork Hub Combo


Far East Cycles - Slimdawg Fork Hub Combo

Jean-William Prevost announced a new innovative Far East Cycles product. Here is his comment and explanation on the Slimdawg:

"I'm blessed to have Far East Cycles produce my signature flatland fork-hub combo this year. The name is SLIMDAWG. 85MM width instead of 100MM. The concept is simple yet the implications are great. Ride longer pegs without getting further away from the wheel, or just get closer to the center of the wheel! More clearance without having to pull more! It will be sold with a carbon/aluminium hub shell or entire aluminium CNC'd hub. Will be available only for 10MM axles at 2 price ranges. Stay tuned!"

We like the attention to the detail! Let's see if this might become the new standard.

Posted: 4 years ago

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