Dub wins AFA Round 1


Dub wins AFA Round 1

The first round of the 2018 AFA series took place in San Antonio, Texas this weekend. Dub took the first place which puts him on top of the new ranking - Congratulations! You can find the full results below. Round 2 is schedule for May 12 in Royal Oak, Michigan.

1st Pedro Rodriquez
2nd Joya Cooper
3rd Ava McGraw
4th Coda McGraw
5th Guille Castillo

Old’s Cool
1st Brian Tunney
2nd Robert Castillo
3rd Pat Schraeder
4th Greg Griffin
5th Blaine Smith
6th Joe Montgomery

1st Michael Shao
2nd Ed Jodie
3rd Nate Fulcher
4th Mitchell Hall
5th Marty Clark
6th Jeremy Jones
7th Roberto Reyes
8th Luis Palmas
9th Julio Cotto

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Will Redd
3rd James McGraw
4th Bobby Burge
5th Tyler Gilliard
6th Omari Cato
7th Art Thomason
8th Diego Tejada
9th Bill Nitschke
10th Ruben Castillo
11th Nikola Olic
12th EZ Chris Anderson
13th Bryan Huffman
14th Todd Carter
15th Cesar Rangel

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