Wastl Grubinger - Believe in a Wheel


Wastl Grubinger - Believe in a Wheel

Wastl's creative tricks don't necessarily work in every contest run but if you give him some time and his beloved home-spot in Vienna then magic might happen! 

"Ever since I started riding winter has always been my most progressive time of the year. Very much looking forward to a big change in my life this year in May, I started to go out in December to work on some tricks I had in mind for a while. This year’s Austrian winter wasn’t too bad and temperatures around 0°C or wet floor couldn’t slow down my motivation. Early February the list of ideas was worked off. For sure, there are always more ideas, more lists,... this never ends. But there are also more winters ... and I’ll be out again, whatever conditions, and believe in a wheel."

Posted: 4 years ago

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