Alexis Desolneux - Halo Edit


Alexis Desolneux - Halo Edit

Alexis is doing a lot of work behind the scenes at Heresy and we don't get to see him in front of the camera that often. The footage for this edit was originally filmed for the friends-section of a skateboard DVD but wasn't used in the end. Too bad for the skateboard guys, good for us! ;-) Check it out!

'In December 2014, I got an email from George (Manos) asking me if I would like to send a few clips to the skateboarding group known as BA.KU. (Barrier Kult) as they offered to feature some clips of H E R E S Y riders in the friends section of their upcoming DVD. Being in contact for some time and having mutual respect for what we both do, some of us filmed a few moves in 2015 and sent the material. I had been willing to experiment with some lighting for some time and thought this was the chance to do something I had not done before with video. It was not about capturing rare tricks but just playing with lighting versus obscurity and spending a few hours one night by myself in a remote 2500 square meters warehouse on top of a hill, switching all lights off except for a halo. In the end, this footage didn't make it into the BA.KU. DVD so here it is. HALO.'

Posted: 6 years ago

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