OG Flat Jam 3 results and some news


OG Flat Jam 3 results and some news

The OG Flat Jam 3 was held in Hungary last weekend. Peter Sarlós is going to write an article about it for us that will be online soon. He already told me a bit about it:
"The jam (which was a contest:-)) turned out to be really cool. Almost everyone was there, however the town where it was held is far away from everything. I got 2nd in pro and won the best trick comp, I was happy with it."
Ok now you already know that Peter had a good day and here are the other results ( Source: ):
1. Peter Szabolcsi
2. Peter Sarlos
3. Pal Gyenes
1. Denes Katona
2. Gyorgy Krautsieder
3. David Czink
1. Gabor Talpai
2. Tibor Estok
3. Sandor Tatray
Best trick: Peter Sarlos

Stay tuned for the article and check out !

Furthermore an article about Pim Ritsels roadtrip through the USA and Canada will be online in the next days. He expanded his plans ( awesome plans(!) - I got his e-mail some minutes ago and let me tell ya: it´s really sick ). We´ll inform you about the development of his ideas in the next days.

I wanted to finish the part configurator this week but I´m not able to do it at the moment cause I´ve got a (terrible) cold and can´t concentrate enough to do the coding. So you´ll have to wait longer ;-) Sorry

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