Tartiflat Jam 3 - Cheese and BMX


Tartiflat Jam 3 - Cheese and BMX

This is a good one! The Tartiflat Jam took place back in September. Etienne who made this video wrote: "3rd edition of the Tartiflat Jam, September 2017 with local riders from Annecy, Grenoble, Lyon and more. This year, our jam took place at Les Villards-sur-Thônes between mountains, sun and rain. Lots of fun and cheeses !"

Now we were curious about the cheese situation and it turns out that a Tartiflette (you will see it in the end) is a French dish with potatoes and cheese. That was your daily dose of random knowledge about French flatland-wordplays. Enjoy the video!

Posted: 5 years ago

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