Battle in da Club: Station 3 cancelled


Battle in da Club: Station 3 cancelled

Because of the bad weather forecast the 3rd station of the Battle in da Club Tour was cancelled. Station 3 was supposed to take place in the Lago beach club in Hamburg. Since neither a tent nor rain fits a beach club the next Station will be the Jolly Joker Club in Braunschweig on September 14th.

We have a couple of photos of Station 2 online: Gallery and Battle TV Volume 2 will be published on soon. The first issue of Battle TV takes part in a german video competition, vote with 6 flags if you like it: Battle TV Volume 1.

We have more great photos of the Hong Kong Flatland Competition online: Gallery. Thanks to Circle-Lee for the photos!
Sytse Winkel posted a 10 minute video of the Flatground on YouTube. You can watch it in our YouTube Library.

Posted: 52 years ago

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