Joel Schallhorn Show Reel


Joel Schallhorn Show Reel

We admit it .. guilty of being a Joel Schallhorn fan! How can you be good at literally everything? Check this Show Reel of a professional all-round man.

"The culmination of what I've spent my life doing thus far. My life resume in a video. A bit long for a normal show reel but I don't care, come at me bro! I'll make another for more professional purposes, but this is the original.

This video shows my broad spectrum of skills and creativity within them also my education level (first and last clip). This video sums me up as a person. Every clip has been meticulously placed and has a purpose.

The video is a more serious parody from my favorite movie, Hot Rod. The some, the random words sprinkled in and the gut wrenching brick wall faceplant are all an ode to that movie.

Locations this video has been filmed: Elkhart IN, Columbus OH, Denver CO, Breckenridge CO, Santa Monica CA, Redding CA, Dalian China, Tianjin China, and Guangzhou China."

Posted: 4 years ago

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