Simon O'Brien wins Downunderground Video Round


Simon O'Brien wins Downunderground Video Round

Congratulations to Simon on winning the video round of the Downunderground series in the Open class. In Expert Thore Saggau from Germany (who is currently in Australia) won and in the Beginner class David Rooney took the first place. Check out our previous post for the links to the all the videos.

Open class
1st Simon O’Brien 203 points
2nd Paul Chamberlain 186 points
3rd Lee Kirkman 164 points
4th M Aristyo Rahadiyan (aka AIS) 144 points
5th Clint Millar 143 points

Expert class
1st Thore Saggau 213 points
2nd Matt Wootton 195 points
3rd Shaun Jarvis 190 points
4th Scott Hone 187 points
5th Trent Karow 186 points
6th Leigh Waddingham 180 points

Beginner class
1st David Rooney 166 points
2nd Rusty Eylward Pilko 146 points
3rd Alexsandra Louise 120 points
4th Jo Hilis 87 points

Posted: 4 years ago

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