Bike Days 2017 Roundup


Bike Days 2017 Roundup

Ok, ok, we promise this is the third and final post in a row with some news or footage of Matthias ;-) After all it's his birthday week so let's give him some love!

The video above is the best Bike Days edit we've seen yet. It's from the official Bike Days Facebook page where you can also also find a few photos. There is another cool highlight edit by Kin Rot on youtube and a quick phone edit by Frank Lukas.

You can check the single runs thanks to Effraim:
- Dominik Nekolny - 8th Bike Days 2017
- Masato Ito - 7th Bike Days 2017
- Dustyn Alt - 6th Bike Days 2017 
- Kevin Nikulski - 5th Bike Days 2017
- Thomas Noyer - 4th Bike Days 2017
- Alex Jumelin - 3rd Bike Days 2017
- Jean William Prevost - 2nd Bike Days 2017 
- Matthias Dandois - 1st Bike Days 2017
- Matthias Dandois | Jean William Prevost | Alex Jumelin Top 3 Bonus Round Bike Days 2017 

And last but not least 3 interviews:
- Catching Up with Davis Dudelis at Bike Days 2017
- Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017
- Catching up with Dustyn Alt at Bike Days 2017

Posted: 6 years ago

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