Remax Fieldcontrol Contest in Portugal


Remax Fieldcontrol Contest in Portugal

A big contest is going to take place in Portugal this September. It's called Remax Fieldcontrol and it's probably Portugals biggest flatland contest so far.

Date: 22nd - 23rd September 2007
Location: Parque da Juventude, Portimão, Portugal

They are going to have a 28 by 43 meters area covered by a tent with 20 x 30 meter wood floor. There will be two classes ( Master and Pro ) and 3000€ prize money for the Pro class. Everything looks very well organized and a diagram of the battle format is already available: Pro class battle format. According to the schedule the whole friday will be available for practice, so everybody will have the chance to get used to the floor. The qualifications are scheduled for saturday and the finals for sunday. Furthermore there will be breakdance shows and of course a party.

In case you won't be able to make it to Portugal you'll have the opportunity to watch a live stream of the event on the Fieldcontrol website:

Posted: 52 years ago

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