The Flat Kings Book


The Flat Kings Book

The FLAT KINGS book is now available! It's a book about Flatland with articles by the best flatlanders, with beautiful photos and testimonies of riders from many countries. It will be available at the BMX Masters (Cologne) and Flatground (Amsterdam) but you can also order it now from the Cream mail order. The book has 188 pages, 150 photos and texts in French and English. The following list is quite impressive and includes all the names of the people who wrote for this book: Bobby Carter (USA), Chase Gouin (Canada), Effraim Catlow (UK), Hiroya Morisaki (Japan), Alex Jumelin (France), Jesse Puente (USA), Luis Elías (Costa Rica), Marcelo Lima (Brazil), Matthias Dandois (France), Bram Verhallen (The Netherland), Michiel Verberg (The Netherland), Mike Steingraber (Germany), Nathan Penonzek (World), Scott OBrien (USA), Chad Johnston (USA), Sean Lai (Singapore), Simon O'Brien (Australia), Erik Otto (USA), Alexis Desolneux (France), Steve Mulder (USA), Keelan Phillips (UK), York Uno (Japan), Terry Adams (USA), Yasuyuki Takeo (Japan), Kip Williamson (USA), Martin Schulz (Germany), Matt Wilhelm (USA), Christian Van Hanja (France), Martti Kuoppa (Finland), Thomas Göring (Germany), Raphaël Chiquet (France), Paul Osika (USA).

Posted: 51 years ago

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