Tangent Flatland Jam Results


Tangent Flatland Jam Results

Congratulations to James McGraw on winning the Tangent Jam this year! Organizer Leland Lavender dropped us the results together with the invitation for next year: "We welcome all who comes into the Tangent Family, we look forward to next years Jam."

1st James McGraw
2nd Austin Luberda
3rd Bo Wade
4th Bryan Huffman
5th Brian Gavagan
6th Todd Carter
7th Ryan Russell

1st Frank Ruiz
2nd Zunwu Zhou
3rd Ed Jodie
4th Lalo Jimenez
5th Ben (Freedom) Zartost
6th Kevin Washington
7th Leslie Hall
8th Harb Lill

Old’s Cool
1st Bill Nitschke
2nd Gary (Gator) Knecht
3rd Jodie Settles
4th Gary Lee Clark
5th Sean Porter

1st Johnny Filth
2nd Jimmy Sanchez
3rd Leland (Applesauce) Lavender
4th Ken Kitley
5th Urijah Sanchez
6th Coda McGraw

Photo: Leland Lavender

Posted: 6 years ago

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