Jean William Prevost aka the Undertaker


Jean William Prevost aka the Undertaker

Maybe it's time for a new nickname? We propose The Undertaker. Check those insane combos in Dub's new edit and hit replay because he's lightning-fast: "Brakeless Undertakers define this edit, I came up with 8 new variations to the trick in the rolling variant. This is my contribution for the winter season. Why this song?? Johnny Cinco and Future were on repeat all winter as I fought off the cold which dipped down to -40C a few times. Might sound a bit depressing, well... riding flatland in Canada is a challenge, I am so thankful for this spot, but damn is it depressing riding alone in this chamber as everything is frozen outside. I hope the flatlanders enjoy this one which is a bit out of my style though I put a lot of time to land these combos, especially the last ones going back to back to undertaker trying to discover new ways to filter out the fillers!"

Posted: 5 years ago

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