European Flatland League 2016 - Schedule


European Flatland League 2016 - Schedule

The European Flatland League (EFL) is a new series that was founded by Viki Gomez and GG.M. management. There are not a lot of information available yet but on their Facebook page it says "The EFL is a regulatory BMX Flatland body that strives for an equal and transparent format of enrollement, competition and judging system within Europe."

So far three contests are part of the EFL:

Round 1 - Bike Days
21 - 22 May, 2016
Solothurn, Switzerland

Round 2 - BMX Cologne
2 - 3 July, 2016
Cologne, Germany

Round 3 - UK Championships
23 - 25 September, 2016
Birmingham, UK

The EFL has a Facebook and Instagram account where we'll probably find more information soon.

Posted: 6 years ago

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