BMX Flatland World Circuit 2016 Schedule


BMX Flatland World Circuit 2016 Schedule

The BFWC crew shared the current 2016 scheduled with us. The first 4 stops are confirmed and maybe there will be a 5th stop. Like last year the best 3 results will count for the ranking. The Barcelona Extreme contest is cancelled this year and therefore not part of the circuit. The top 6 riders will be invited (flight, hotel, registration, food) to the Flat Ark contest in Kobe at the end of October.

1st stop: Bike Days
Date: 20-22nd of May
Location: Solothurn, Switzerland

2nd stop: BMX Cologne
Date: 2-3rd of July
Location: Jugendpark, Cologne, Germany

3rd stop: Real City Spin
Date: 27-28th of August
Location: Montreal, Canada.

4th stop: FLATdev
Date: 24-25th of September
Location: Mahkota Parade, Malacca, Malaysia.

Posted: 8 years ago

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