Germany: Alex and Viki win Zuppermarket Contest


Germany: Alex and Viki win Zuppermarket Contest

Double victory! Alex Jumelin and Viki Gomez are sharing the first place at the Zuppermarket contest in Trier, Germany. Congratulations! It was a home match for Viki. The spot is also his winter spot just a few kilometer from Luxemberg where he lives. Besides those 2 champions there were 12 other riders competing in the pro class and another 12 in the master class. The best 6 made it to the finals. You can find the results below.

1st Viki Gomez
1st Alex Jumelin
3rd Gilles van de Sompel
4th David Hoffmann
5th Dan HEnnings
6th Rayk Hahne

1st Gino Stuart
2nd Barre Neirynck
3rd Tobias Müller
4th Billy Whitfield
5th Axel Reichertz
6th Bodean Maarsen

Posted: 4 years ago

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