Dominik Nekolny - Maple Vibes runs + Result update


Dominik Nekolny - Maple Vibes runs + Result update

Not a lot of pros showed up in Toronto for the Maple Vibes contest but at least Dom came over from Europe ;-) Justin Eastman uploaded his winning run(s). The second one was probably a bit better but decide for yourself: Run 1, Run 2.

Furthermore the results have been posted:

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Jason Plourde
4th Jean Francois Boulianne
5th Austin Luberta
6th Tyler Gilliard
7th Bryan Huffman

1st Lachlan Cameron
2nd Brandon Fenton
3rd Paula Trix
4th Bertrand Williams
5th Allan Box

1st Bertrand Williams
2nd Myles Xie
3rd Evan DeRushie
4th Girisan Sivage

1st Ron Monis
2nd Etienne Bergeron
3rd Sergey Sanko
4th Adrian Furniss
5th Tony Schneidewind
6th Steve Lapsley
7th Craig Gaudet
8th Marty Clark
9th Andrew Sheltraw

Posted: 5 years ago

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