BMX Cologne 2016 - Date and Details


BMX Cologne 2016 - Date and Details

Last year the BMX Cologne contest as we know it from previous years didn't really take place. This year it's going to be different as well with free entry, open sessions, back to the roots as they say:

"The world‘s most significant Freestyle BMX Event – SNIPES BMX COLOGNE – will take place on July 2 & 3, 2016. With this, in the second year after the 30th anniversary, we follow our own maxim of bringing the sport and the festival back to its roots. „CELEBRATING BMX“ is the motto and the aim is to bring the fun as well as the fascinating easiness of the sport back into the middlepoint."

Date: July 2nd and 3rd
Spine Ramp / Flatland / Street – Open Session & Stuff up for Grabs
Snipes Best Trick at Spine Ramp (1000€ Cash)
Oldschool – 80´s Kickturn Ramp Session / 80´s dress code!!
Click here for more information.

So as far as we understand there won't be a big flatland contest. It's more or less a biiiig jam!

Check the recap of the 2015 event to get an idea of the new format.

Posted: 5 years ago

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