3rd Annual Tampa Bay Labor Day Flatjam


3rd Annual Tampa Bay Labor Day Flatjam

The year just started but we're happy to fill our 2016 event schedule. The Labor Day Jam at Tampa Bay is going to be September. Plenty of time left to plan your trip .. The organizers came up with a new contest format. Here are some details:

"This year sees the Tropical Session with a different kind of format for a “contest”: instead of the usual Pro/Am classes of other competitions, the trials are broken down into 4 categories:

1) Best Front Wheel Boogie
2) Best Back Wheel Boogie
3) Best Front & Back Wheel Combo
4) Best “Old School” Trick/Combo

This way, riders of All Ages & Skill Levels can have fun riding together in a “Jam Circle” type of vibe without any stress. Each rider gets 3 attempts to pull their Trick, which can be taken consecutively or in rotation, with no time limit, so there’s even less pressure to have fun!"

More details and the poster: 3rd Annual Tampa Bay Labor Day Flatjam

Posted: 8 years ago

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