Bike Check: Paul Dezeix - BSD ALVX 2


Bike Check: Paul Dezeix - BSD ALVX 2

Xmas bike check from Paul Dezeix! Santa came kinda early and brought him a BSD frame. Apparently he is the first rider in France to get this frame. Enjoy your first sessions with the new ride Paul!

Frame :
 BSD Alex Donnachie Signature ALVX v2 20,3 TT (thanks unleaded bmx!)
Stem : StMartin Iroon 35mm
Handle Bar : BMX Avenue "La Pavane "9" 
Grip : ODI
BarEnds : ARES Coin Set
Grip Stop : Stolen
Head Set : FEDERAL
Fork : A Bad "not so bad after all this years" Thing V1
Seat : Animal
Seat Post : FEDERAL
Crank : Profile 160mm
Sprocket : Eclat Vent 27T
Pedals : ARES Plastic
Chain : YBN MK918 Black
Front wheel : Rim - G Sport Birdcage
Hub - Dart BMX Razor (Home made "VANS cover" )
Front Pegs  : ARES "Ucchie" Pegs
Back wheel  : Rim - Odyssey Hazard
Hub - StMartin EVO Freecoaster
Back pegs  : StMartin EVO

Posted: 7 years ago

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