Moto Sasaki wins Battle in the Rockies 2015


Moto Sasaki wins Battle in the Rockies 2015

Congratulations to Moto on winning the Battle in the Rockies contest. His final battle was against Martti. Unfortunately we haven't seen any footage yet and this time there is no recording of the live stream. Let use know if you see or have some footage and photos:

Pro Class
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Martti Kuoppa
3rd Jean William Prevost
4th Jason Plourde
5th Bo Wade
6th Pete Brandt
7th Simon O'Brien
8th Andy Cooper
9th James McGraw
10th Austin Luberda

1st Anthony Schneidewind
2nd Luke Malone
3rd Shaun Lapsley
4th Steve Lapsley
5th Rich Upjohn
6th Michael Shao
7th Ed Jolie
8th Ron Monis

1st Brian Gavagan
2nd Jeremy Jones
3rd Hiro Tsuchida
4th Marty Freeman
5th Robert Reilly
6th David Larocca
7th Joe Miller
8th Mike Smick

1st Michael Shao
2nd Justin Oh
3rd Dustin Blair

Posted: 5 years ago

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