Flatland Fracas - Results and Footage


Flatland Fracas - Results and Footage

As we read on Facebook there was a little trouble with the Flatland Fracas video material but they still managed to put this edit together! The contest results are a little different different than usual, besides the podium places everyone is 4th ;-) Congratulations to Dub who won the highest class "Bad Ass".

Pretty Good (Expert):
1st Ian Hicks
2nd Stephen Toomey
3rd Luke Hammerquist
4th Mike Fink

Real Good (Master):
1st Freddy Brown
2nd Darryl Johnson
3rd Danny Sirkin
4th Kieran Chapman, Shane Reed, Rick MacDonald, Scott Denoncourt, Scott Duszlak, John Simmons, Andrew Parrish, Tommy Williams, Kevin Robinson, Tony Peloquin, Anthony Delairro

Bad Ass (Pro):
1st Jean William Prevost (Dub)
2nd Jason Plourde
3rd Luke Malone
4th Jim Cavanaugh, Mannie Nogueira, Steve Jordan, Gabe Kadmiri, Rich Upjohn

Posted: 8 years ago

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