Japan: Yuya Jam - Bekko wins


Japan: Yuya Jam - Bekko wins

Yuya Shiga invited only some riders with distinct riding style for the first episode of "Yuya Jam". It was a secret jam only for riders who are not suitable for contests (i.e. who cannot get good place or cannot pull their tricks because of its difficulty at contests while have high and distinct skills). 21 riders attended this contest to show their exclusive moves. The rules were simple: each rider do their trick until they are satisfied, failures are not considered, all the riders are judge, distinctness, originality, maniacness are important. Congratulations to Bekko!

Top 3
1st Tomoaki "Bekko" Yoshimura
2nd Junpei Goto
3rd Hidenori "Shoncho" Ishizaki

Check the G&B blog for some photos.

Posted: 6 years ago

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