C3 Jam Series 2015 - Round 2 - Minato Sato wins


C3 Jam Series 2015 - Round 2 - Minato Sato wins

Yesterday the C3 Jam Round 2 took place in in Osaka, Japan. It was a contest only for kids class riders. Because of the risk of rain, the place was changed to an indoor spot but nevertheless 36 riders took a part in it. York Uno uploaded some photos on his blog and you can find the result below. Congratulations to Minato Sato who won the highest class.

UPDATE: And now we have a great video of these talented kids! Check it out by clicking here (link)!

Kids Low class:
1st Mizuki Kondo
2nd Shun Ishikawa
3rd Takato Moritani

Kids High class:
1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Ryuta Kobayashi
3rd Takato Moritani

Kids Super High class
1st Minato Sato
2nd Rin Isogai
3rd Jigen Omotehara

Podium Photo: C3 Facebook

Posted: 9 years ago

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