Masashi Itani Bikecheck


Masashi Itani Bikecheck

This is probably the first Motel Works bike check we post. Masashi Itani from Japan kindly shared his current setup with us. Nice clean look! Masashi is also busy rocking contests, he recently got 6th atFlatlands Unlimited in Toronto.

Frame: Motel Works "Ambassador"
-Top tube length: 18.8"
-Chainstay length: 12.8"
Fork: Motel Works "Ambassador" Fork
-Offset: 10mm
Handle Bar: Motel Works "Ambassador" Bar
-Height: 8.25"
Grip: Odi "longneck"
Bar End: Odyssey "Par End"
Stem: Magic Fruits "E30"
Seat: Cult *integral with Seat post
Cranks: Profile
-Arm length: 145mm
Sprocket: Tree "Heat Treated Spline Sprocket (25T)"
Pedals: Wellgo "Nano Flatland Pedals"
Front Pegs: Ares "Uma2 Plastic Pegs"
Rear Pegs: igi "Microphone Pegs"
Front Wheel:
-Rim: GSport Birdcage
-Tire: Motel Works "M825"
-Hub: Proper
Back Wheel:
-Rim: GSport Birdcage
-Tire: Motel Works "M825"
-Hub: Nankai

Posted: 5 years ago

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