Flatland Unlimited 11 Results: Dub wins Pro!


Flatland Unlimited 11 Results: Dub wins Pro!

Dub won the Flatland Unlimited contest once again this year! Congratulations! That puts him in the lead of the Am Flatland Circuit ranking as well. The next round is the Trans Jam Raleigh in May.

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Jason Plourde
3rd Percy Marshall
4th Jean Francois Boulainne
5th Todd Carter
6th Masashi Itani
7th Bo Wade
8th Joe Cicman

1st Brandon Fenton
2nd Lachlan Cameron
3rd Jon Dowker
4th Scott Denoncourt
5th Robert Reilly
6th Bert Williams

1st Bryan Huffman
2nd Ron Monis
3rd Mannie Nogueria
4th Shaun Lapsley
5th Paul Igwe
6th Steve Lapsley
7th Alan Young
8th Adrian Furniss
9th Mark McGrade
10th Paula Trix
11th Kevin Gallien
12th Craig Goulet
13th Dusty Tweedhope
14th Andrew Sheltraw

1st Bri-Jon Dodington
2nd Myles Xie
3rd David Marion
4th Girisian Sivage
5th Jordan Vester

Photo: Dub Instagram

Posted: 9 years ago

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