Wolfgang Sauter wins Fight the Winter 2015


Wolfgang Sauter wins Fight the Winter 2015

That was an impressive start of the contest season in Germany. The annual Fight the Winter contest moved to a new location in a shopping center. The center provided a great setup for the contest with big screens to show the remaining time of the runs and live rankings. That was one of the most professional setups we've seen. The riders had a great time as well, Wolfgang Sauter showed up and rode as if he was riding contests every weekend. First place for him after a final best combo battle with Kevin Nikulski. Congratulations!

1st Wolfgang Sauter
2nd Kevin Nikulski
3rd Waldemar Fatkin
4th Dustin Alt
5th Davis Dudelis
6th Dan Hennig
7th Martin Drazil
8th David Hoffman
9th Gergely Szajer
10th Rayk Hahne
11th Takao Fukuda

1st Benedict Phriem
2nd Timo Quitter
3rd Sascha Heydeman
4th Tomasz Bianga
5th Maik Speer
6th Martin Drews
7th Nico Bergmann
8th Marte Orth
9th Adam Hudyma
10th Tobias Müller
11th Denny Reichwald
12th Dawid Kosturski
13th Markus Fürbeth
14th Wiktor Jakobiak
15th Ewa Starzyk

Posted: 6 years ago

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