Gary Knecht - Never Let Anything Get In The Way Of Your Dreams


Gary Knecht - Never Let Anything Get In The Way Of Your Dreams

This is not your typical flatland video. The story begins at the beginning - of both freestyle, and Gary's journey as rider. We follow him through the rider's lifestyle and contests during the early days when the sport and tricks were just starting to come alive and grow. Like many people, there came a point after the height of popularity when Gary stopped riding. His personal struggle was addiction pulling him from the sport. Years later, sober, his passion for riding is still alive and once again he's on the bike and progressing; even competing and landing 2nd place in the Tangent Flatland Jam. This is a terrific, inspirational bmx story brought to us by Pat Fisher who explains:

"After nearly three decades off his bike, Gary Knecht shares some of his experiences growing up as a BMX freestyler and finding his passion to ride again. His story is interwoven with images from BMX's history, illuminating how BMX has evolved in the past while at the same time providing a guide for the next generation of riders.
"Never let anything get in the way of your dreams.""

Posted: 8 years ago

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