Rad Girls 2014 - Full Edit


Rad Girls 2014 - Full Edit

Paula Callery finished the Rad Girls 2014 edit: "Ladies (and gentlemen)! I present to you THE Rad Girls 2014 full edit. Thank you everyone who has participated and helped out in this project, it truly is a group effort. Please share."

Cool 80s flavour in the beginning and obviously a lot of good parts by Anne Sophie Chips, Lona Adams, Bo Stankov, Yuki Shinkawa, Eriko Ono, Irina Sadovnik, Liberty Armstrong, Nori B, Irais Pichardo Resendiz, Jazz Pintasilgo, Miyuki Dezaki, Feer Green and Kim Klisiak. 

Awesome project, props to Paula! Check the Rad Girls Facebook group as well.

Posted: 6 years ago

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