Global Classics: Braun Flatground 2005 Video


Global Classics: Braun Flatground 2005 Video

We thought that we uploaded most of our old videos to Vimeo but our friend Paulo pointed out that some stuff is missing. For example this epic 30min of the Braun Flatground 2005. A Global Classic! The look and video quality is kind of "classic" as well ;-)

Some names:
- Team KGB ( Viki, Martti, Alex, Raphael .. )
- Pete Brandt, Travis Collier, Matt Wilhelm ..
- Hiroya Morizaki, Ryoji Yamamoto, Akira Okamura ..
- and many more ..

The video features a lot of qualifier runs. So you'll see many riders who didn't make it to the finals. But of course there is a lot of footage of the finals in it as well. Enjoy!

Posted: 8 years ago

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