Updated: COB First Battle Videos


Updated: COB First Battle Videos

Some of you seem to be quite interested in seeing unedited footage of the COB. So we are going to offer that kind of footage this time. Probably a regular video will also follow in a few days. Six battles of the first round are already available, as soon as new ones are finished this post will be updated.

- Alex Jumelin, York Uno, Jesse Puente
- Raphael Chiquet, Matt Wilhelm, Michael Steingräber
- Keelan Phillips, Wolfgang Sauter, Hiroya Morizaki
- Martti Kuoppa, Kotaro Tanaka, Terry Adams
- Viki Gomez, Frank Lukas, Michael Sommer (new)
- Travis Collier, Ryoji Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Nishikawa (new)

Posted: 49 years ago

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