Flatland One Session


Flatland One Session

Honestly, the title of this video made me wait to watch it...I thought, oh man, a 7 minute edit from one session?! Never have I been so wrong, and so glad to go back and click play! This edit is massive, awesome, diverse - everything you'd dream of in a scene video! Really, it felt like watching a well-loved DVD. To be clear, this is a mixtape edit from some of the very top riders of Brazil, all in one edit, and it rules. It's actually one of the biggest edits we've shared lately, so definitely make the time to enjoy it!

Riders include: Mateus Beckmann, Bruno Zebu, Gilberto Rocha, Erik Soares, Ederson Ferreira, Thiago Maldonado, Francisco Lima, Pekeno Sergio, Ricardo Santos and Clailton Silva

Posted: 8 years ago

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