Flatland Fracas 2014 Results - Masashi Itani wins


Flatland Fracas 2014 Results - Masashi Itani wins

We already posted a lot of BMX Cologne coverage but that was not the only contest last weekend. The Flatland Fracas contest took place in East Bridgewater, MA, USA. Even a few Japanese found their way their and Masashi Itani won the expert class (there was no "pro" class). Congratulations!

There is a good photo gallery on Flickr where we also found the photo of Todd that you can see here. Check it! Podium photos and more information have been posted on the official facebook page.

1st Masashi Itani
2nd Rich Upjohn
3rd Gabe Kadmiri
4th Brian Chapman
5th Todd Carter
6th Danny Sirkin
7th Jim Cavanaugh
8th Seonteak Kwon
9th Mannie Nogueira
9th Sunny Sigh
11th Steve Jordan
12th John Simmons

Posted: 8 years ago

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