Adam Kun conquering Belgrade Video and Photos


Adam Kun conquering Belgrade Video and Photos

Monster invited Adam to Belgrade, Serbia for a photo and video shooting. The video is really cool featuring many different locations, check it out! The photos and a little report have been posted on the Monster website. 

A few words from Adam: "This was my first trip to Belgrade, Serbia and I loved it. I didnt expect that im going to ride in the old Belgrade Castle or the Modern Art Museum. The museum itself was a flatlander`s mecca, with all the huge empty rooms and the crazy paintings on the wall. We had a tight schedule with photoshooting and filming our video on the same day, but Im very happy how it turned out. The Monster Energy Kick Off party was amazing and I was stoked to ride front of hundreds screaming people in the club. Cant wait to go back to Serbia, to meet the locals again and enjoy the tasty serbian food."

Posted: 7 years ago

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