Hungary: Transdanubian Extremesports Championship


Hungary: Transdanubian Extremesports Championship

The Transdanubian Extremesports Championship (longest name ever!) is going to take place on July 5 in Tapolca, Hungary. Here are some details from the organizers: "At the last minute, Flatland riders stepped up, along with the organisers, so there will be a flatland contest at this year's DBA, at Tapolca, Hungary! Expect a nice, chilled event, no stress, whatsoever!

There is only one category, and a jam format! According to the number of riders, we mix up the people into little battle groups, so you can fight the hell out of the others, and the best 2 guys will go to the next round, until there is a final! The more riders show up, the longer it lasts."

Posted: 5 years ago

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