Interview: Andy Zeiss about the upcoming COB


Interview: Andy Zeiss about the upcoming COB

Andy Zeiss is organizing the Circle of Balance 3 in Tokio, Japan. Since there were already a lot of discussions about this COB we decided to ask Andy a few questions.

Q: Please introduce yourself. Name, Age, Location ..

Andy Zeiss, 32 year old, meat eating, alcohol drinking, ball headed, unshaved, tattooed but non-smoking dude from Cologne in Germany.

Q: People were wondering why top riders like Justin Miller or Matthias Dandois are not invited to the COB. How have the riders been choosen ? Why have you choosen exactly those 18 riders ?

Yeah I can imagine that people are discussing this issue quite hard - hahaha! There are tons of statements and pages on this case in the global flat forum. I dont know why people... Click here to read the whole interview

Posted: 52 years ago

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