Bike Days 2014 Qualification Photos and Results


Bike Days 2014 Qualification Photos and Results

As you may have seen on our Instagram we're visiting the Bike Days this weekend. Today the qualifications took place and the top 8 are going to the finals tomorrow. We prepare a photo gallery for you and you can find the preliminary qualification results below. Viki Gomez is arriving late and the organizers allow him to have his qualification run tomorrow which may change the results.

Photos: Bike Days 2014 Qualification

Preliminary Qualification Results:
1st Dominik Nekolny (practice clip on Insta)
2nd Kevin Nikulski
3rd Martin Drazil
4th Didier Genet
5th Dustyn Alt
6th Dan Hennig
7th Chris Böhm
8th Jeremy Brosset
9th Jenza Kamai
10th Jean Bulhon

Posted: 9 years ago

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