Dez Maarsen wins Astrolabe 4


Dez Maarsen wins Astrolabe 4

The results keep coming in. Dez went to France for the Astrolabe 4 contest and took the first place followed by Keelan. Congratulations! Kevin Meyer was so kind to send us the results. They are to be confirmed tho, let us know if you have the full results.

1st Dez Maarsen 
2nd Keelan Phillips
3rd Fabien Stephan
4th Joris Bretagnolles
5th Matthieu Bonecuelle
6th James White
7th Thomas Noyer
8th Jean Bulhon
9th Chris Bohm
10th Gilles Van De Sompel
11th Kevin Jacob
12th Romain Georges
Photo: Thomas Noyer

Posted: 5 years ago

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