Pimp my global-flat: new parts section


Pimp my global-flat: new parts section

We finally finished the upgrade of the parts section. The new system is more flexible, you'll notice for example that we'll offer more than one photo for new parts. The old top 10 ranking was replaced with a new rating system. Now you can rate each part with a score between 1 and 5. As soon as you rated a few parts we'll also offer a top 10 list again.
Please give us some feedback, we are going to improve the new section in the next days and weeks. The new bike configurator is not available yet. We are still working on it.
In the future the parts section will be up-to-date again. To prove that we already added a few new parts:
- KHE Prototyp handlebar designed by Bram Verhallen
- OG Cygo 2 handlebar

Posted: 49 years ago

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