Spain: Quentin Pelorson wins Chulapo Jam


Spain: Quentin Pelorson wins Chulapo Jam

Today the Chulapo Jam took place in Madrid, Spain. The concept was a little different. It was supposed to be held at different locations and with many little challenges like hitchhiker limbo and bunny hop contests. Quentin Pelorson who came over from France won the regular contest. Congratulations!

1st Quentin Pelorson
2nd Varo Hernandez
3rd Andres "Andrew"
4th Mario Garcia
5th Inigo Arroyo Gutierrez
6th Remus Simion
7th Abde Nosequemas

Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Gerator Battle: Guelo Monzon
Best Combo with another bike: Miguel Tardio
Fork Glide Race: Fran flat
Bunny Hop: Igna Bart
Best Grind: Seco Vela

Photo: Varo Hernandez Instagram

Posted: 8 years ago

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