Scam Bikes - Ironic Silencer Frame from Serbia


Scam Bikes - Ironic Silencer Frame from Serbia

Last spring Milos from Serbia came up with the HARO Master "Matthias Dandois". Now there is a new project and he told us a bit about it: "This year I decided to go a step further, I made my own flatland frame and I decide to open my own bike company. This is the prototype frame and I name it IRONIC Silencer and the company name is SCAM bikes Co. The frame is a little heavier than other new school flatland frames. The weight is 2,3kg but its stronger (build to be an allround frame). TT is 19.3", CS is 12.9". HT angle is 75."

Here are some pics of the first Serbian flatland frame from welding and chromeing to the complete bike.

Posted: 8 years ago

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