The Good Old Days? - Flatland Remember Trailer


The Good Old Days? - Flatland Remember Trailer

Alvaro is bringing back the good old Eurosport days! Can you remember that time when flatland was in TV? Were you even riding back then? Around 2000 many flatland contests were covered by TV Channels like Eurosport or local channels like the Spanish Antena 3. Alvaro collected a lot of old TV footage and is about to release a 40min video called Remember. Here is a 2 min trailer in which you'll see a lot of well known faces.

Would you like to see flatland back in TV? Does it even matter anymore now that flatland videos can get millions of views on Youtube? We took a quick look. The super famous video of Simon O'Brien has almost 10 million views now and Matthias' Flatware edit got 1.4 million for example (on a sidenote: Matthias is off Odyssey Flatware). That's a lot of attention as well!

Posted: 6 years ago

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