Ares - Aplus FLT Bar V2


Ares - Aplus FLT Bar V2

Ares updated their Aplus FLT Bar. It looks like a 2pc bar but it's actually 4pc. Hiro was involved in the design process and the biggest change from the previous version is the backsweep that was increased from 3 to 6. It got just slighly heavier and Ares wrote that they use some higher quality chromoly steel now. The matt black color looks dope! Specs are below and more photos are available in the parts section: Aplus FLT Bar V2.

Rise: 230mm (9 ")
Width: 680mm (26.7 ")
Backsweep: 6
Upsweep: 1
Weight: 780g= 1.72lbs

Posted: 5 years ago

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