Jeremy Brosset Bike Check


Jeremy Brosset Bike Check

Check out that sexy ride! We asked Jeremy for a bike check: 

Few months ago my sponsor provides me a KHE Shola street bike to try the KHE street freecoaster. I only tried the free coaster wheel on a Saint Martin AJ Footjam. The feeling was great but unfortunately I broke up the back wheel. So I built back my old B'twin cassette wheel.

That street frame was still at my house, and after my last edit, I wanted to try a street frame, as many riders do. The length is perfect for me, and the BB is lower than on the Footjam, so I can put my pedal tricks easily ! Here is the details about my new street oriented bike :

Frame: KHE Shola ST 20.6
Fork: Saint Martin AJ Footjam 0 offset
Handlebars: KHE Shola 8"
Grips: Fitbikes
Front Wheel: B'twin Wipe 7 10mm Axle
Back Wheel: B'twin Wipe 7 14mm axle - no freecoaster
Seatpost: B'twin
Seat: Odyssey Lichtenberger Senior
Stem: B'twin Wipe 7
Pedals: ElGallo pedals
Cranks: KHE Shola 175mm
Sprocket: Stolen Classic 25 teeth
Pegs: 4 plastic pegs by B'twin

As I told you, I also filmed a little clip with that new bike, here is the link.

Posted: 10 years ago

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