Your Highlight 2013 - Jean Francois Boulianne #FLATHIGH2013


Your Highlight 2013 - Jean Francois Boulianne #FLATHIGH2013

It's a pleasure to see JFB on tour every year. No support of huge sponsors needed - just living the flatland dream. 2013 was no different and we were happy to bring you the JFB Eurotour Reloaded video this summer.

JF, what was your highlight this year?

"2013 once again have been full of travels, events and surprises. I think both of my tour in Europe is for me what made my BMX year. Also being able to have a pretty good standing in both American and World Circuit is amazing to me. I want to thank everyone who helped during my adventures and wish you all luck in 2014."

Here is a selection of Monsieur Boulianne's 2013 edits:
- JFB In Cali
- Adam Kun & JF Boulianne - Windy Session
- JFB Oone Minute in London
- JFB in Philly
- Jean-Francois Boulianne - Hybition 2013

Posted: 7 years ago

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