Aloha Jam - September 2014 - Hawaii


Aloha Jam - September 2014 - Hawaii

Aloha! Time to plan that 2014 traveling budget! Bobby Carter has an offer that will be hard to refuse. He is organizing a flatland jam on Hawaii: "BMX brings us together to ride, but it also brings us together to experience life. Aloha Jam is not a contest, but it is more than just a jam, it’s a BMX Holiday. Get ready to ride and experience an adventure that only a Hawaiian environment and the Aloha Spirit can provide! On the first day, riders will meet at the park for a riding session. The following day, everybody goes to Hanauma Bay to hangout, enjoy snorkeling and the beach scenery! There’s something for everyone at Aloha Jam!"

Date: September 21 - 22, 2014

All the details, locations, hostels, website, airport and so on is posted here: Aloha Jam - Hawaii

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Posted: 6 years ago

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