Hisato Yamashiro wins Ohne Jam in Japan


Hisato Yamashiro wins Ohne Jam in Japan

Yesterday, Ohne Jam took place in Kanagawa, Japan. It's an annual contest organized by Issy, but last and the year before, it was cancelled because of rain. However, this year it was a very sunny day and the contest ended successfully. The rumors said that the contest ends this year, so many riders came to compete.

The result was posted on Sako's (Matagi-papa) blog and BMXBoze already uploaded a video (it's not available in all countries, you may want to ask Google for help).

1st Tomoya
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Sota Suga

1st Kazuya Shirakawa
2nd Kotaro Arai
3rd Yosuke Sekiguchi

1st Yuichiro Asai
2nd Masaki Morikawa
3rd Nicolog

1st Hisato Yamashiro
2nd Hiroya Morizaki
3rd Akihiko Takahashi

Posted: 10 years ago

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