Your Spots in our new Flatland Spot Database


Your Spots in our new Flatland Spot Database

Last week we asked you to send us photos of your spots. Andreas from Germany shared this pretty cool one with us and we thought it would make a good cover photo for the introduction of our updated Flatland Spot Database. Since we first launched it back in 2007 you posted more than 800 spots all over the world. That's amazing and we would like to thank you for using this service and sharing your spots with the whole flatland community. Today we are introducing an improved version of the spot section that takes advantage of the latest beautiful Google maps material. One of our favorit spots is The Globe at Long Beach, CA. It looks stunning with the surrounding marina. Check it out and please take a moment to add your spot as well in case it's missing (you need to be registered and logged in to post spots).

If you notice any problems or have ideas on how to improve the spot section please don't hesitate to post a comment or contact us:

Posted: 6 years ago

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